About rimshaather

Too high to settle, too low to battle. I'm a certified loser who can't even rhyme it right. Although they train me to be a cold, rational analyst, I do like to rebel a little by doodling whenever I can, even during the lectures. This blog is a platform for displaying those imaginative illustrations which come to my mind whenever I feel the balance between reason and imagination being disrupted by the former. Even though I am a crude artist who likes to experiment with various media, and quite muddily at times, the consolation is enough for me that at least I try. Carpe diem!

A Day in the Life of Yahoos #1


A year ago I had a presentation in class on the seventh chapter of the fourth book of Gulliver’s Travels. In order to make it a bit more interesting for the snoozing students and to try my best to be as academically unorthodox as I could, I made these illustrations and handed them out to the class. At the end, I did get a standing ovation but was called over-efficient by a boy who laughed at me throughout it. Go ahead and read the seventh chapter in order to understand what I’ve done here. Enjoy!