Dear Death


This is what I imagine it to be like.

A piping cauldron waiting for me down below as my corpse swing in the wind like chimes. The souls of bygone beings chanting with their eyes and the handsome Lord of the Underworld (and WiFi apparently) smirking for my welcome.


Trying my hand at the Mandala Art


Mandala making is a sacred art of the Indian religions. It is aptly considered as a ‘microcosm of the universe’ and its geometric shape, which is either a square or a circle, aids such significant representation. Inspired by the concept, I have tried my hand at it, though quite ineptly. If there’s one thing that I noticed during its creation, it was the element of great control that I had to exercise. Creativity and control, an apparent oxymoron, are so intertwined in this art that it becomes difficult to draw a line between them. I think that is what this world is all about: a harmony between the opposites.

Also I made it using tea extract. It was fun!